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Access Control – Essentially reduces the need to rekey your facility as situations require. Instead of metal keys, employees are issued a card keys or key fobs that have a unique internal code that is registered with the access control system, which limits entry times, door access, also access control gives you an audit trail to see what time employees use each door, every time they use the access card. Access control systems allow you to monitor the security of your business around the clock.


Keyless Entry - Using a digital keypad and codes programmed into the keypad allow for entry of personnel. More advanced models allow for numerous codes that can be assigned to each employee and can be programmed to restrict access to certain doors for authorized personnel only. Advanced Models also allow for time restricted access and audit trails to show who entered when, and through which door.


Biometric Access Control - Fingerprint, palm print or retinal scan offers Ultra High Security to areas requiring that level of security. These systems are so refined that they only work for live tissues, increasing security beyond anything that was available in previous years.

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